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Friday, May 28, 2010

Final update before Bike the Drive

Tonight it was 61 degrees and beautiful.  The weather for my last training ride before Sunday was stellar.
I did 13 miles on McCormick Ave (Devon to Green Bay and back) with my friend and then 2 more miles around West Rogers Park (my hood). 

I was able to listen to a real thought provoking shiur given by Rabbi Aaron Lopiansky and based on Rav Wolbe's sefer "Alei Shur".  The shiur was about kavod or respect and how that is the way we ascribe value to things that are non-material.  We show kavod to individuals, the Torah and to ourselves (in fact, one is exempts himself from being an witness before a beis din if he lacks kavod from himself).  The shiur also discussed the importance of what we put value on.  I found this very important, since my own children are very aware of what I spend my time doing and what I enjoy.  For example, they all know that "Abba loves iced coffee."

I also found myself as I was riding appreciating the time just to unwind and clear my head.  After the initial 13 miles I "cooled down" with a slow 2 mile ride around my neighborhood.  Since I'm not listing to any music, I found myself singing a Husker Du song and also the Cracow Niggun.
Time to get something to eat.  I can't wait until Sunday morning!!!!

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